Interview of an Agile Coach


Hirer: Good morning.

AC: Good morning!

Hirer: So, you are an agile coach, is it?

AC: Yes, I am CSM, ICAC, SA, PTT, ABC, XYZ, …….

Hirer: Wow! That’s an impressive list. Do you think you can transform our organization to be more agile?

AC: Well, I have all the experience. I’ll make your organization SAD (Scaled Agile Delivery).

Hirer: No…No… wait! We don’t need SAD here…our need is more agility.

AC: Precisely. As part of SAD implementation, you’ll get Teams who CCC (Colocate, Collaborate and Coordinate) to deliver software every 2 mins. We have AAA (Automated Build, Automated Test and Automated Delivery) tools to help you do that. And we’ll give you zZz (peaceful sleep) for free!

Hirer: I understand you have great processes and tools to transform an organization…but that’s not really our need. And without budget for AAA & CCC- free zZz is not possible, I guess.

AC: In that case, I can offer you only CCC- it will be cheaper and will help you kick start SAD.

Hirer: Okay…but don’t you want to know our challenges before recommending CCC?

AC: CCC works everywhere…trust me.

Hirer: And…why should I trust you? …Okay, can you give me a detailed proposal in a week’s time?

AC: But I already have it! As I told you- it works everywhere and with amazing results!

Hirer: That’s nice! Can you talk about the results?

AC: Yes, on an average SAD has given 50% reduction in costs and 500% reduction in CT.

Hirer: Are you sure…sounds impossible! You have data?

AC: Yes! We conducted a survey on Donkey Survey… 50 real SAD users participated.

Hirer: No, no…real data…

AC: Sorry, I have NDA signed with all my customers. Can’t share that. But I have personally verified it on our tool- iSADit. Trust me!!

Hirer: Sorry but I can’t. (And we are HAPPY not to hire you!)

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2 Responses to Interview of an Agile Coach

  1. yaki271 says:

    🙂 Some organizations are looking for SAD implementations because some organizations are sad. However this can be a leverage to make them HAPPIER.

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